Who We Are

Metro Shearing Company, Inc. was founded in Detroit, Michigan by Eduard Schwarz in 1979 with the expectation of offering steel processing capabilities to the ever-growing demand of the American automotive industry.

The venture proved to be exceptionally beneficial for the owners of the company, but more importantly for the employees, most of which have stayed with Metro Shearing since it first opened its doors in 1979.

Our processing facilities contain numerous shearing and leveling machines that enable us to accommodate almost any order. But, it is not the machines that we process with that make us who we are. We strongly encourage and deliver on maintaining long lasting customer relations by having an exceptional customer support basis, as well as aggressively competitive pricing.

Why Choose Us

Over the past 36 years Metro Shearing has evolved and progressed into supplying a more broader and globally oriented market, while still remaining accessible to serving any size orders. Our core values reside in the motto, “No Order Too Small” because we believe that every one of our clients is a tremendous asset, no matter how big or small. We appreciate each individual company’s processing needs and we take time to get to know you personally.


Working with the best technology that fits the job is what we thrive on. No fancy and shiny stuff here, just the raw strength of Detroit’s steel industry.


“No Order Too Small” that’s the vision that we have established over more than 30 years of hard work. Whether it’s a few pounds or a hundreds of tons, we can handle and process it.


Always searching for new ways to meet and exceed the standards in steel processing. Metro Shearing has a lot of innovative ways to serve your steel processing needs.